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Gerard Wertheimer Family

Gerard Wertheimer is a France-based businessman. He is well known for his for his co-ownership in the House of Chanel Perfume. The leading Luxury Brand in the world, founded by his grandfather Pierre Wertheimer in the Year 1909. While his brother is the Chairman of the company, Gerard Lives in Switzerland and looks after its watch division. Apart from the business, Gerard also co-owns a number of vineyards, horse breeding and racing, and a number of charitable activities Against children such as child pornography etc.

Born in a Jewish family, Gerard is the son of Eliane Fischer and Jacques Wertheimer. He lived a lavish life from an early age. But at the same time, he Possed with great entrepreneurship and leadership skills in the childhood, Due to this he became one of the most notable billionaires of France.

Ernest Wertheimer

Ernest Wertheimer

Ernest Wertheimer is the great Grand Father of Gerard Wertheimer Who was born on (13 September 1852-14 October 1927). Ernest was Jewish by birth. He was born in 1852 in Germany But moved to Paris from Alsace. He died in 1927.Ernest was the main reason behind luxury business in his family. He bought interests into Bourjois which is a leading cosmetic brand till 2015.It was Bourjois that introduced the usage of dry rouge on the faces of the actors.

Pierre Wertheimer

Pierre Wertheimer

Pierre Wertheimer was the grandfather of Gerard Wertheimer, He is successful in taking his family business forward. With the increasing popularity of Bourjois( Cosmetic Brand) in the France market, Pierre Wertheimer had taken over the business in 1917 , and became Bourjois(Cosmetic Brand) Director. In 1924, Coco Chanel made an agreement with the Wertheimer Family creating a corporate entity.Gradually, the Chanel brand became the ownership of Wertheimer brothers.
In October 1910, Pierre Wertheimer married Germaine Revel, who is the daughter of Stock Broker.Her family members are in the Field of Investment Bankers.

Jacques Wertheimer

Gerard’s father Name is Jacques Wertheimer who was born in the Year 1911. He inherited his father’s business and ran it successfully until his sons Period Of Time.Later on, His Sons Took Over His Bussiness. Under his ownership, he developed one of the most successful horse stables in the country. Gerard’s mother was Eliane Fischer, who was the daughter of an architectural engineer. Their marriage took place in 1947, But, There Relationship Gone

Eliane Fischer, who was the daughter of an architectural engineer. Their marriage took place in 1947, But, There Relationship Gone Terribly Wrong as they divorced in 1952 after having two sons.

Alain Wertheimer

Gerard Wertheimer

Because the marriage of his parents did not last long. This did not make any Difference Between Alain Wertheimer and Gerard Wertheimer. Gerard Wertheimer has extremely smooth relations with his brother, and he co-owns most of his businesses, properties, horse breeds and vineyards along with him. Born in 1949, Alain is the elder brother. He is married to Brigitte Wertheimer.


Valerie was a former nurse, whom Gerard is married to. She is engaged in Lot of charitable and philanthropic activities. They have three children, with whom they peacefully live in Switzerland. Paloma is 15 years old, Olivette is 11 years old and Juan is 8 years old.

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