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Giorgio Armani (Fashion Designer) – Biography, Family

Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion Designer presently one of the giants in the fashion industry. He Formed his company named Armani in the year 1975 which is most Famous in the United States for its Style. By the Time of 2001, he became the most successful Fashion designer that Italy has produced ever.

Giorgio Armani became a designer But this is not his First Carrer Option his first choice was to become a doctor. He enrolled in the Department of Medicine at the University of Milan but dropped out to join the army. Due to his entrance in Medical field, he was given Promotion in the army. Both the army and medical field does not suit him, so he has swapped his career to fashion Industry.

After Leaving army he found his job as the window dresser in the departmental store. He has Learned All about Fashion Designing and Marketing. He started designing menswear and contributed his designs to several fashion Houses. After that, he moved to Nino Cerruti where he designed men’s wear for the first time.

He went on to form his own Company, ‘Armani’ in the year 1975 which soon became one of the Front Line Fashion Designing Company in international fashion Industry. The growing success of his designer clothing has tempted him to expand his business including underwear, swimwear, and accessories.

Giorgio Armani Family

giorgio armani family

Giorgio Armani Parents – Ugo Armani and Maria Raimondi

Giorgio Armani was the son of Ugo Armani and Maria Raimondi Armani. The couple had another daughter and son apart from Giorgio Armani. He had an older brother and a younger sister.

Giorgio Armani mother Maria Raimondi

Giorgio Armani mother

Giorgio Armani Niece Roberta Armani

Giogio Armani Niece Roberta Armani

Giorgio Armani sister Rosanna Armani

Giorgio and his sister Rosanna

Giorgio Armani Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Amani is approximately US$8.3 billion.

Interesting Facts about Giorgio Armani

  • He is a vegetarian, teetotaler and non-smoker.
  • He feels that if he could go back in time, he would not have chosen to be a fashion designer.
  • He has a deep interest in sports and is the president of the Olimpia Milano basketball team.

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