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Nancy Carell Biography, Family

Nancy Walls is an American actress and writer. She is famous for her comedic work on Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and Bridesmaids. She is the wife of a famous actor and comedian Steve Carell.

Her birth name is Nancy Ellen Walls. She was born on 19 July 1966 in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Nancy attended Cohasset High School and graduated from Boston College in 1988. At Boston College, Nancy was a member of improvisational troupe “My Mother’s Fleabag”. After graduation, Nancy worked at a grocery store for a few months.

Nancy joined Chicago based improvisational comedy enterprise Second City. Nancy appeared on Saturday Night Live (1995-1996) show. In this show, she impersonated CNN anchor Bobbie Battista. Also, Nancy impersonated other people such as Cokie Roberts, Diane Sawyer, Kathy Ireland, Sharon Stone. Later Nancy Carell appeared as a correspondent in the satirical TV program The Daily Show. In this program, Nancy appeared in 90 episodes from 1999 to 2002.

Nancy Walls voiced for the animation series The Goode Family for Helen Goode character. Nancy Carell made guest appearances in Steve Carell’s sitcom The Office.

Nancy Carell appeared in both films and Tv shows simultaneously. In 2003 Nancy acted in comedy film Anger Management as a flight attendant. She appeared as a health clinic counsellor in her husband Steve Carell’s famous blockbuster film The 40 Years Old Virgin.

Nancy and her husband Steve Carell created comedy series Angie Tribeca which starring Rashida Jones.

Nancy Carell Family

Nancy Carell Parents

Nancy Carell mother name is Carol Walls and her father name is Robert Walls. Nancy has six siblings in her family.

Nancy Carell Husband

Steve Carell Children

Nancy Walls married to the comedian and actor Steve Carell. They both met at Second City, in a student improvisation class. There Nancy was a student and Steve was the teacher for the class. Soon they began the relationship and got married on 5 August 1995.


Nancy Carell and Steve Carell had two children. Nancy daughter Elisabeth Anne was born in May 2001 and Nancy Carell son John Carell was born in June 2004.

The couple has a house in Loss Angels. They bought The Marshfield General Store in Massachusetts. Nancy sister Trish Vivado maintains the store. When the couple got some free time from their busy schedules the family spends time in Marshfield Hills.


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