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Ryan Adams Biography, Family, Facts

Ryan Adams is an American singer, songwriter and multi-talented musician. He was born on November 5, 1975, in Jacksonville city of North Carolina, United States. His full name is David Ryan Adams. He was the second and middle person of his three children family, having an older brother and younger sister.

Ryan Adams father left his mother when he was five years old and His mother moved to his grandparents home with her three children. Adams gradually developed his interest in stories from childhood, At the age of 8, he began writing stories and poems. At the age of 14, he started learning guitar. His parents gifted an electric guitar, following that Adams joined a local band called “Blank Lable” and band was closed after recording three songs.


Ryan attended Jacksonville High School and dropped out in tenth grade. After dropping from the school, Adams started working with many local bands and He formed a noise-punk band named The Patty Duke Syndrome. After releasing two songs the band was disbanded in 1994.

After coming out of The Patty Duke Syndrome Ryan Adams formed another rock band name Whiskeytown with the help of his fellow musicians Caitlin Cary, Phil Wandscher and Eric Skillet Gilmore. The band produced alt-country genre music and released three albums Faithless Street, Strangers Almanac and Pneumonia. The band was split in 2000 when Adams went to pursue his career as a solo.

From 2000 to 2004 Adams performed as a solo artist and released many famous albums such as Heartbreaker, Gold, Love is Hell and Rock N Roll. In 2003 Adams formed a hardcore punk band named The Finger with rock musician Jessi Malin. Under this band they released We Are Fuck You album in 2003.

In 2005 Ryan formed rock band The Cardinals and released three albums Cold Roses, Jacksonville City Nights and 29. Among three albums Jacksonville City Nights album became a huge hit. Many albums and songs of Adams were not released, He stated that he is going to release those albums. In 2009 Adams released Happy Birthday song and started releasing unreleased albums under PAXAM label.

In 2010 Adams released Cardinals III/IV album by collaborating with The Cardinals band and In 2011 Ryan released his solo album Ashes & Fire.

In 2013 Ryan formed another punk rock band called Pornography and released a song 7 Minutes in Heaven. In 2015 Ryan announced that he is going release Taylor Swift’s album 1989 into his version. After one month he released 1989 album. It became a huge hit and went into the top 10 position in Billboard, that too one position ahead of Taylor Swift’s 1989.

In 2017 Adams released his sixteenth studio album Prisoner.

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Ryan Adams Family

Ryan Adams Parents

Ryan Adam Father name is Robert Adams, He was a contractor and his mother name is Susan Adams, She was an English teacher.

Ryan Adams parents were divorced when he was five years old and father left the family and abandoned the children also. His mother with Ryan’s siblings moved to their Grandparents home, where they spent their childhood. Ryan Adams mother married another man when Ryan was thirteen.

Ryan Adams has two siblings one elder brother and one younger sister. He was the middle person in the three children family. His brother was died in 2017 due to some health issues.

Ryan Adams Wife

Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore

Ryan Adams married actress and singer Mandy Moore on March 10, 2009, after few months of dating. After six years of their marriage the couple took divorce in 2016 with mutual consent.

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